Website Terms of Use

Article 1 [Purpose)
These Terms of Use are a document used by PiSTORE to establish a contractual relationship between PiStore (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) for the provision of the Pi store introduction service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). Those who wish to do so must confirm and agree to the contents of these Terms of Use.
Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
1. The definitions of terms used in these Terms of Use are as follows.

1) “Member” means a person who agrees to these terms and conditions and uses the service through the service. Members are divided into “business members” and “individual members” according to the type of subscription. 2) "Business member" means to agree to these terms and conditions through the "service" operated by the "company" for the purpose of introducing a pie payment store, sign a contract with the "company" and approve the "ID (email)" refers to the recipient. 3) “General member” refers to a person who has agreed to these terms and conditions through “Pie Store” operated by “Company” and has been given an “ID (email)” through membership registration. 4) “ID (email)” refers to the e-mail directly determined by the “member” and approved by the “company” for identification of the “member” and use of the “service” by the “member”. 5) “Password” refers to letters or numbers directly designated by a “member” to confirm that the person who wants to use the “service” is the same person who has been given the “ID (email)” and to protect the rights and interests of the “member” refers to a combination of

2. Among the terms used in these terms and conditions, the parts not defined in this article follow the relevant laws and general practices.
Article 3 (Specification, Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions)
1. The company takes effect by posting the contents of these Terms of Use on the service screen or on a separate connection screen so that members can easily understand them, or by notifying members through a pop-up screen, etc.
2. If necessary, the company may revise these Terms of Use within the scope of not violating relevant laws.
3. If the company revises these Terms of Use, the date of application and the reason for the amendment shall be specified and announced along with the current terms and conditions in an appropriate place within the service from 7 days prior to the effective date of the amended terms to the day before the effective date.
4. If the company announces or notifies the revised terms and conditions in accordance with the preceding paragraph, and the member does not express his or her intention to refuse by the date the change is applied, the member expressly refuses even though the member has notified or notified that it is deemed to have agreed to the change in the terms and conditions If the member does not express his/her intention, it is deemed that the member has agreed to the revised terms and conditions.
5. If the member does not agree to the application of the revised terms and conditions, the company cannot apply the contents of the revised terms and conditions, and in this case, the member may terminate the use contract. However, if there are special circumstances in which the company cannot apply the existing terms and conditions to members who disagree with the revised terms and conditions, the company may terminate the use contract with the member.
Article 4 (Rules other than Terms and Conditions)
1. If necessary, the company may establish and operate operating policies for matters to be applied to the service, and the relevant contents are notified through the company website and notices in the service.
2. Matters not stipulated in these Terms of Use shall be governed by the relevant laws or operating policies.
3. In the event of a conflict between these Terms of Use and the contents of the Operational Policy, these Terms of Use shall prevail unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Use.
4. Members are obliged to check whether there is any change in the contents of the operating policy, and the company is not responsible for any damages caused by not checking this.
Article 5 (Notification to Members)
1. When the company notifies a member, the company may notify the member by appropriate means, such as the (cell) phone number provided by the member and the consent window when using the service, unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms of Use.
2. In the case of notice to all members, the company may substitute the notice in paragraph 1 by posting within the service for more than 7 days. However, for matters that have a significant impact on the member's transaction, the notice in paragraph 1 is given.
3. The company considers that individual notification has been made by posting in accordance with paragraph 2 only when individual notification is difficult due to the member's non-recording of contact information or non-correction after change.
Article 6 (Member Registration and Establishment of Use Contract)
1. A person who wishes to become a “business member” or “general member” of the service (hereinafter referred to as “applicant”) consents to the collection and use of personal information, consent to the provision of personal information to a third party, collection and use of location information A subscription application is made by completing procedures such as consent to, input of other information requested by the company, and submission of supporting documents, and the use contract is concluded when the company approves the application.
2. Entrepreneurs must have a business registration certificate that can be verified as a business, and must submit supporting documents when requested by the company.
3. The company examines the information and supporting documents submitted by the business applicant when applying for membership, and approves the applicant's use of the service if the information and documents meet the requirements set by the company and there are no disqualifications specified in these terms and conditions. You can.
4. The company may reject the business applicant's application for service use in the following cases, and may withdraw the applicant's service use approval or terminate the agreement if any of the following cases are confirmed even after approval.

1) If you are under the age of 15 as of the date of application
2) If the information entered during the application process is different from the facts or is inaccurate
3) If you are violating public order and morals (eg, profanity, obscenity, etc.)
4 ) In the case of content that is recognized as being related to criminal activity (eg, suicide conspiracy, gambling, theft, etc.
6) In case of doing or attempting to interfere with the smooth operation of the service provided by the company (e.g., wallpapering the community, hacking, etc.) 7) In case other members are
not suitable for activities 5. The company may proceed with mobile phone (text) authentication through a specialized agency if necessary in some cases. 6. The specific criteria for membership registration and the establishment of a use contract in accordance with this Article may be separately notified in the operating policy.

Article 7 (Service contents)
1. The service refers to a service that provides information on Pi Coin payment stores nationwide and allows general members to check the basic information of business members who can pay with Pi Coin. 2. The
specific services provided by the company to members are as follows .

1) Provides store information (management function: charged)
2) Calculate the payment ratio of cash and pie and price per pie
3) Provide Kakao Map service
4) Provide pi calculator
5) Provide product management function (charged)
6) Member management function
7) Rating function
8) Providing various inquiry functions
9) Providing various communities

3. The company, as a platform operator that provides information on pie payment stores between business members and general members, does not act to arrange sellers and buyers.
4. The company may add or change other service items other than the services in Paragraph 2, and these terms and conditions apply equally to the added and changed services.
5. The company may change the contents of the service in Paragraph 2 under the judgment of changes in technical specifications or business policies.
6. If the company intends to change the contents of the service, the contents of the service to be changed and the date of provision shall be specified and announced through the notice within the service 7 days prior to the date of provision. However, if there are unavoidable conditions or circumstances that cannot be reasonably foreseen by the company, the above notice period may be shortened or announced after the change.
7. Members can withdraw from the service directly if they do not agree to the change in service, and if it is impossible to withdraw directly, they can withdraw from the service by notifying the company of their intention to withdraw. However, if the business member remains with the amount to be reimbursed to the company in relation to the use of paid services, the withdrawal request may be temporarily suspended.
Article 8 (Service usage fee)
1. General members and business members can use it for free. However, service fees (paid) may be charged separately to business members. In the case of a free service provided to business members, a web page used for store guidance is provided, and the service is provided so that the list image, three detailed images, and detailed information can be posted on this page. The provision of service for web page modification is determined by the company.
2. The company may establish or change the fee for paid services if necessary, and the details of the new establishment or change shall be notified through the website or application.
3. In the case of a business operator or other member who needs to negotiate the usage fee, a separate contract can be drawn up through agreement, and the usage fee specified in the agreement will be applied with priority.
4. The company may change depending on the type and period of paid service fee.
Article 9 (Service Fees and Refund Policy)

1. In principle, the company does not refund the usage fee if the member violates the company's service use rules, and additional sanctions such as service use restrictions may be imposed.
2. The company refunds the usage fee in the following cases.

1) When the use of paid service is not started
2) When the service is unavailable due to network or system failure
3) When the service is canceled due to member circumstances after applying for paid service 3.

Members who wish to receive a refund of the usage fee must request a refund via the company email.
4. The company confirms the fact immediately upon receiving the request in Paragraph 3, and according to the refund conditions, the balance after deducting the paid service fee corresponding to the period when the service is completed based on the monthly price of the product notified at the time of the paid use contract and the cancellation fee We will refund the remaining amount after deducting 10%.
Article 10 (Withdrawal from Membership and Suspension, etc.)
1. Members who wish to withdraw may proceed with withdrawal directly within the service. However, (i) if there is an amount that the business member must pay to the company in relation to the use of the service, (ii) in the event of a dispute or accident with the company, member or third party in relation to the use of the service, the dispute or accident You cannot withdraw from the business member service until the processing is finished.
2. When the member's withdrawal from service is completed, the company immediately deletes all information except for the information the company must retain in accordance with relevant laws and <Personal Information Handling Policy>.
3. The company classifies the member as dormant and separates the member's information if the member does not use the service such as logging in or accessing for 12 months (if there is a period separately set by relevant laws) there is. At this time, the company may notify by other valid means such as e-mail or (mobile) phone number.
4. If the member's dormant state under Paragraph 3 is maintained for more than 12 months, the company may cancel the member's dormancy. However, if there are special circumstances, such as when settlement between a member and the company is necessary, the company may suspend the withdrawal of the member from dormancy until such circumstances are resolved.
Article 11 (Restrictions on Use of Services, etc.)
1. If a member falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may suspend service use for a certain period of time or terminate the service use contract in accordance with these Terms of Use.

1) Failure to maintain service qualifications (e.g., closure)
2) Unauthorized use of personal information for business purposes while using services
3) Cash and fi 4) In case of violating
the Act on the Punishment of Acts such as Procurement of Prostitution
5) In case of continuously posting malicious articles
6) In case of violating member obligations under Article 13
7) If you make unreasonable demands to the company or if the average rating given by the member has been below the standard set by the company for more than 2 months
8) If you request unilateral modification,
etc. 2. Suspension of

service use and termination of use contract under Paragraph 1 shall take effect when the member expresses its intention according to the notification method set by the company.
3. Members whose use of the service is suspended cannot use the service during that period, and the specific criteria for restrictions on use are determined by the operating policy.
4. The company may resolve the suspension of use and termination of the use contract in Paragraph 1 at its discretion, if a reasonable reason such as a member's explanation is recognized.
Article 12 (Obligations of the Company)
1. The company complies with the relevant laws and the contents of these Terms of Use to provide the service, and strives to do its best to ensure stable operation of the service.
2. If a member presents a complaint or improvement opinion in relation to the use of the service, the company may review it in accordance with a reasonable procedure and reflect it to the extent that is beneficial to the service.
3. The company promptly handles complaints and opinions raised by members if it is judged to be justified, and if it is difficult to process immediately, the reason and processing period are notified.
4. The company strives to protect members' personal information in accordance with related laws such as the Information and Communications Network Act and the Personal Information Protection Act so that members can use the service safely, and personal information that is notified separately about the protection and use of personal information. We will guide you in detail through the processing policy.
Article 13 (Obligations of Members)
1. Members may use the service within the scope permitted by the company, and must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, these terms of use, and other operating policies set by the company. You may terminate the contract of use according to
2. Members cannot engage in any of the following acts.

1) Using the service in a way other than the normal use method provided by the company
2) Unauthorized access to the program or system that provides the service
3) Service through reverse engineering, decompilation, and other processing activities Analysis, duplication, disassembly, imitation or other transformation of the program
4) Use or posting of information (computer programs, etc.) prohibited by the company
5) Production or distribution of computer programs or devices not provided or approved by the company 6) Abusing
bugs in the program
7) Entering false facts when applying for use or changing, collecting or stealing personal information of others without permission
8) Information posted by the company 9) An act of impersonating
an employee, operator, or other related person of the company
10) An act of distributing false information for the purpose of unfair profit or damage to others
11) Giving access to your account to a third party other than yourself
12) Using a third party's account access right
13) Interfering with the company's business in other illegal or unreasonable ways

14. In the event of damage to a member or a third party due to the member's intention or negligence through the service, the member is responsible for the problem. Members bear direct responsibility.
15. Members must keep the ID (email) and password necessary for service use safe and confidential. Members are responsible for problems arising from insufficient management of their ID (e-mail) and password.
16. If the company requests the member to provide data or clarifies the facts in order to confirm violations of these Terms of Use, Operational Policy, etc., the member must cooperate faithfully.
Article 14 (Collection of Information)
1. The company may collect, store, and store program operation status and usage information when using the service.
2. The company may collect and utilize information on settings and specifications of member terminals using the service, information on running programs, etc. to improve service quality, such as service operation and program stabilization.
3. The information in paragraphs 1 and 2 is necessary for illegal use of services, dispute mediation, civil complaint handling, maintenance of service order, or only in cases stipulated by laws and regulations, the company, the person who is entrusted with the company's business, or the laws and regulations Only authorized persons may view or utilize it. When accessing this information, the company will notify the member in advance of the reason for the need for access and the scope of access. However, if information is viewed in relation to a serious violation of terms and conditions, such as Article 13, Paragraph 2 of these Terms and Conditions, or violation of laws and regulations, it may be notified afterwards.
Article 15 (Suspension of Service)
1. The company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of force majeure events such as maintenance, replacement, breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, loss of communication, natural disasters, etc. In this case, a prior notice is given. However, in the case of suspension of service due to reasons that cannot be reasonably foreseen by the company, it may be notified afterwards. In relation to the suspension of service due to the above reasons, the company shall not be liable for damages to the member unless there is gross negligence.
2. The company may decide to discontinue the service based on business judgment, and will not compensate for the loss of expected profits from the member's use of the service. In case of temporary suspension or suspension of the service, the company makes an effort to minimize the disadvantages of the member by notifying the member in advance.
Article 16 (Company's Immunity)
1. If the company is temporarily or ultimately unable to provide services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, maintenance, replacement or failure of information and communication facilities, or loss of communication, the company is exempted from liability for service provision It's possible.
2. The company is not responsible for any failures or damages in service use due to reasons attributable to members.
3. If a member causes damage to the company or a third party intentionally or in violation of these terms and conditions, the member is responsible for compensating for the damage.
Article 17 (Interpretation and jurisdiction)
Any matters or interpretations not specified in these Terms of Use shall be governed by relevant laws and commercial practices.
Article 19 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
All disputes raised between the company and members are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea, and the courts under the Civil Procedure Act are the competent courts.

Effective date December 25, 2022